Workshop on Reflection: Historical, Normative, and Social Aspects; August 29–30, Tampere

Workshop on Reflection: Historical, Normative, and Social Aspects

Tampere, August 29–30, 2016


Organized by Self, Other and Community: Besinnung in Husserl’s Phenomenology research group, in collaboration with Degree Program in Philosophy, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Tampere.


University of Tampere, Main building (= päätalo) A2A


No registration needed, the workshop is open for general audience.


Preliminary program:

Monday, August 29

10.00: Opening words

10.15–11.30 David Cerbone, ’Feckless Prisoners of Their Times’: Historicism and Moral Reflection

11.30–12.30 Erna Oesch, Wilhelm Dilthey’s Descriptive and Analytic Psychology and what is wrong with it

12.30–14.00 LUNCH

14.00–15.00 Jaakko Belt, From Description to Critique? Normativity of Phenomenological Reflection

15.00–15.30 COFFEE BREAK

15.30–16.30 Arto Laitinen, Expressing and Finding Oneself in an External Medium

16.30–17.30 Simo Pulkkinen, Self-Constitution of an Embedded Subject: How Husserlian Phenomenology Deals With Historicity


Tuesday, August 30

10.00–11.00 Leila Haaparanta, Suspension of Judgment and the Norms of Assertion

11.00–12.00 Mirja Hartimo, Besinnung and the Normativity of the Exact Essences

12.00–13.30 LUNCH

13.30–14.30 Fredrik Westerlund, Shame and Ethics

14.30–15.30 Joel Backström, Moral Understanding vs. Moral Normativity: The Repressive Dynamics of Sittlichkeit and the Ambiguity of Moral Progress


The workshop will be followed by two-day intensive course “Fundamentals of the Phenomenology of Embodiment” by prof. David Cerbone. For more information:



Mirja Hartimo, Docent

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Jaakko Belt, PhD Researcher

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