HPRS; Tommi Lindfors: "Jean Bodin, The Rise of Absolutist Theory, Really?"


HPRS Program for Fall 2009
Porthania P617 [Helsinki], 14.15 -15.45.

22.9 Eero Salmenkivi: The paradox in the Meno

6.10 Mika Perälä: The Necessity of Friendship: Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics 9.9

20.10  Mikko Tolonen: Hume’s case for monarchy; or, one example of how  moral (or philosophical) psychology functions in early modern  political thought

3.11 Tuomo Aho: Descartes on Intellectual Memory

17.11 José Filipe Silva and Juhana Toivonen: The Active Nature of the  Soul in Perception: Kilwardby and Olivi.

1.12 Christophe Erismann: TBA

15.12 Tommi Lindfors: Jean Bodin, The Rise of Absolutist Theory, Really?