Philosophy as a Discipline: On the Nature of Philosophical Knowledge




An international symposium, University of Tampere, 7-8 September 2006, 10.00.- 18.00. Paavo Koli hall.

The symposium is organized by the project on The Nature of Philosophical Knowledge.

Thursday 7th of September:


10.15. Leila Haaparanta (University of Tampere): Opening words
10.20. Peter H. Hare (State University of New York at Buffalo): “Philosophic and Poetic Knowledge”


12.00. Lunch


13.30. Erna Oesch (University of Tampere): “The Nature of Philosophical Knowledge: The Challenge of the Hermeneutic Tradition”
14.15. Marika Enwald (University of Tampere): “The Nature of Philosophy from the Perspective of the Ethics of Finitude”


15.00. Coffee


15.30. Leila Haaparanta (University of Tampere): “The Method of Intuition in the Programme of Pure Philosophy”
16.15. Henning Peucker (University of Köln): “Husserl’s Epistemological Foundation of Formal Sciences”


17.00. Short break


17.15. Mirja Hartimo (University of Tampere): “Logic in Husserlian Phenomenology”

18.30. Social gathering in Restaurant Tillikka



Friday 8th of September 2006:


10.15. E.J. Lowe (Durham University): “Metaphysical Realism, Essentialism, and the Grounds of Modal Knowledge”


12.00. Lunch


13.30. Heikki J. Koskinen (University of Helsinki): ”Notes on the Possibility of Naturalized Metaphysics”
14.15. Sami Pihlström (University of Tampere): “The Return of Metaphysics? – Problems with Metaphysics as a Philosophical Discipline”


15.00. Coffee


15.30. Petri Räsänen (University of Tampere): ”Kant’s Hermeneutics and the Idea of Philosophy as a Discipline”
16.15. Oskari Kuusela (University of Helsinki): ”Wittgenstein: Philosophy Without Theses”


17. 00. Short break


17.15. Timo Vuorio (University of Tampere): ”Discipline or Playground – Rorty’s Challenge Revisited”