Brev till Numelin 03.05.1918


Letter from Edvard Westermarck to Ragnar Numelin May 3 1918.

Inskanning/original: Åbo Akademis bibliotek
Skannerointi/alkuperäiskappale: Åbo Akademin kirjasto
Scan/original copy: Åbo Akademi University Library

Transkribering/Litterointi/Transcription: Fanny Malmberg/ 2011.

The Edvard Westermarck Online Collection, (Eurooppalaisen filosofian seura ry), ed./red./toim. Juhani Ihanus, Tommy Lahtinen & Yrsa Neuman 2011.


Woodman's Cottage, Boxhill,
Dorkin, England.
3rd May 1918.


My dear Numelin,

Many thanks for your article, which gave me much
pleasure. It is full of exaggerations so far as I am concerned,
but even if I deserve a little of the praise I am glad to think
that my work as a teacher has not been quite in vain. I have
devoted all my time during this and the last year to rewriting
my old book on Marriage, and I have really enjoyed it. Hardly a
line of the old editions has been left, and the new work will be
at least twice as long as the old one. I have not altered my
views in the fundamental points, but on the contrary found them
confirmed, in spite of much criticism, but I have dealt with many
new questions and found many new points of view, as regards the
old ones some of which I think will considerably improve the
book. The work, however, is not finished yet, and now that my
lectures at the University of London have commenced the progress
will be slower. From two cards which I received earlier in the
year I understand that you also have been thinking of marriage.
Please accept my heartiest congratulations. I should have sent
them when I received the cards if it had been possible to expect
a letter to reach you. I was wondering where you were and how you
were, and was so pleased to find that you were at Stockholm.

    With many kind regards, Always yours sincerely,
                                                                                  Edvard Westermarck