Announcement of Spinoza Bibliography Online

Announcement of Spinoza Bibliography Online

We want to draw your attention to the Spinoza Bibliography Online  
which has recently been established under

Here you find more than 5.000 entries of the works of Spinoza,  
monographs, articles and reviews since 1653 up to the present. As the  
work on this bibliography has been started in Germany, German titles  
prevail at the moment. But since autumn, 2007, a network (Spinoza  
Bibliography Online Network = SBON) of about 15 collaborators from  
different countries / languages continually contributes to the  

The editors of the bibliography would welcome your collaboration in  
order to arrive at a more and more comprehensive documentation of  
Spinoza research, both past and present, worldwide.

You can contribute by
- sending bibliographical descriptions of your own publications on  
Spinoza or your editions of Spinoza's works, according to the masque;  
please, try to fill in as many of the categories as possible;
- sending bibliographical descriptions of other titles you come across  
during your research;
- informing us about corrections or completions of entries already  
registered in the bibliography, by e-mail.

The more you will contribute, the more useful the bibliography will be  
for our own purposes.

In the name of the Editorial Team

Winfried Schröder (Marburg/Germany) Manfred Walther (Hanover/Germany)