Action in Perception 2024: Presence, Art, Making, Life. 5-6.9. University of Helsinki


Action in Perception 2024: Presence, Art, Making, Life

Dates: 5–6 September 2024
Venue: University of Helsinki, Finland
Registration opens: 27 May 2024
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Alva Noë's Action in Perception, a seminal work in enactivist theory, this conference brings together leading international scholars to explore enactivist themes, reassess the theory's current position, and stimulate future research.
“Perception is not something that happens in us; it is something we do.” This is the leading idea of Noë’s distinctive version of the enactive approach laid out in Action in Perception. In his later writing — e.g. Out of Our Heads (2009); Varieties of Presence (2012); Strange Tools 2015); The Entanglement (2023) — this proposition has offered a frame for thinking anew about experience, presence, technology, life, art, and value, as well as the projects of philosophy and cognitive science themselves.
The purpose of this meeting is to encourage discussion and intervention from thinkers working across different fields (in and outside philosophy and cognitive science) and orientations (within and without enactivism and phenomenology). 
The speakers are:
Sarah Bro Trasmundi
Shaun Gallagher
Sara Heinämaa
Miriam Kyselo
Alva Noë
Merja Polvinen
Erik Rietveld
Andreas Roepstorff
Jussi Saarinen
Marya Schechtman
Evan Thompson
It is our hope that this meeting will create an opportunity not only for stock-taking, and sharing, but for new collaboration and invention.
— Pii Telakivi & Sanna Tirkkonen
The Conveners of Action in Perception 2024
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