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”Den moderna människan och den gamla själen” – nedslag i själslivets filosofi
Folkets Bildningsförbunds traditionella filosofidagar i Korpo 27-28.7.2007.
I år diskuteras varierande teman: på fredagen frågor med anknytning till den moderna människans existentiella problem, på lördagen teman som anknyter till bryderier som sysselsatt västerlandets filosofi allt sedan den franska filosofen Renée Descartes formulerade sin idé om den tudelade människan. Vi består enligt honom av en materiell substans, kroppen, och av en själslig substans, själen. Men hur hänger de ihop och hur skall vi förstå idén om att en icke materiell substans, själen, kan han någon makt över kroppen? För den moderna vetenskapen är givetvis hela idén om existensen av något icke materiellt oacceptabel!
Plats: Restaurang Rumar Strand , Korpo
Möjlighet till övernattning i Rumarstrands gäststugor.
Beställningar: Restaurang Rumar Strand tel. 02-4645 200 eller rumarstrand(at)rumarstrand.com.
Frågor? Christina Joelsson tel. (02) 463 1464.

Fredagen den 27.7 

* kl. 17-19 Tema: Heder – vad är det?
Inledare: filosof Fredrik Westerlund, Helsingfors Universitet

* kl. 19-21 Tema: Den tveksamme bekännaren – tänkaren, ansvaret och traditionen
Inledare: lektor i teoretisk filosofi Sharon Rider, Uppsala Universitet
* kl 21-  Samtalen fortsätter under fria former

Lördagen den 28.7
* kl. 12-14 Tema: Föreställningsförmågan
Inledare: forskare f.dr. Martina Reuter, Helsingfors Univeristet
* kl. 14-16 Tema: Att undersöka varseblivningen
Inledare: tf professor Olli Lagerspetz, Åbo Akademi 

Fritt inträde.
Alla intresserade välkomna!

Belfast Telegraphista (via GFP) poimittu uutinen filosofiaa opiskelleen mafiapäällikön murhasta:

Murdered Mafia boss was a philosophy student

Belfast Telegraph
Saturday, June 16, 2007
By Peter Popham

When the man on the motorcycle pulled alongside the convicted gangster Niccolo Ingarao on a Palermo street and shot him four times in the chest and once in the head, he murdered the most studious Mafia boss of modern times.

It emerged yesterday that when Mr Ingarao, 46, was not barking orders at underlings, extorting protection money or counting the takings as the gang boss of the Porta Nuova neighbourhood, he was an avid student of philosophy.

Twenty-four hours before his execution-style killing, seen as a bloody move in the power struggle that followed the arrest of the capo di capi Bernardo Provenzano, Ingarao took an exam in the history of philosophy at Palermo University. His professor at the university, Pietro di Giovanni, said he did very well.

Ingarao was "a model student," Professor Di Giovanni told the Corriere della Sera newspaper. "He followed the lessons assiduously and was very conscientious and interested in the material. Like many mature students he was very committed.

"He had nice manners. One day he even came to the university with his wife. He said he owned a toy shop, and was interested in studying philosophy for his personal enrichment."

Well-read Sicilian gangsters are few and far between. The reading matter of Toto Riina, the bloodthirsty Corleone boss serving life in jail, is said to be restricted to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Italy's best-selling sports daily. When he was arrested, Provenzano had five copies of the Bible in his hideout, but no other reading material.

According to Ingarao's lawyer, Riccardo Russo, it was the Bible that first sparked his client's intellectual curiosity. "That's where it all started," he said. "He was particularly struck by the Book of the Wisdom of Solomon, in the Apocrypha. From the moment he read it he began to study, with ever-increasing interest."

Studying became a habit during the nine years he spent in Pagliarelli jail, from which he was freed with remission for good conduct. While serving his time, Ingarao devoured whatever reading matter he could lay his hands on. " Some time ago it was The Name of the Rose, more recently The Da Vinci Code," Mr Russo said.

St Edmund Hall, Oxford — 10th-12th September 2007

"Hegel and the Phenomenology of Spirit": Commemorating 200 years since its first publication

Website: http://www.hsgb.group.shef.ac.uk/conference.html

Speakers include:
Cinzia Ferrini (Trieste) “On Hegel’s Confrontation with the Sciences in ‘Observing Reason’”
Brett A. Fulkerson-Smith (Kentucky) “Kant’s Skeptical Method and Hegel’s Phenomenological Method: A Reply to Kenneth Westphal”
Stephen Houlgate (Warwick) “From Consciousness to Self-Consciousness: A Critique of Brandom’s Reading of Hegel’s Phenomenology”
James Kreines (Yale) “Hegel: Metaphysics without Pre-Critical Monism”
Catherine Malabou (Paris-Nanterre) “Is Confession the Accomplishment of Recognition?”
Julia Peters (UCL) “Two Dialectics of Art?”
Robert Pippin (Chicago) “Can there be a ‘Logic of Experience’? On Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit”
Ludwig Siep (Münster) “Recognition in Hegel and Beyond”
Nick Walker (Essex) “H.S. Harris: An Appreciation”
Kenneth R. Westphal (Kent) “Harris on the Structure of Hegel’s Phenomenology”

There will also be a round table on Yirmiyahu Yovel’s recent *Hegel’s Preface to the ‘Phenomenology of Spirit’* (Princeton UP, 2005) with Thom Brooks (Newcastle), Evangelia Sembou (Oxford), and Yirmiyahu Yovel (New School/Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

Registration forms are available from the Hegel Society of Great Britain website: http://www.hsgb.group.shef.ac.uk/cform.html

In addition, there are postgraduate bursaries of £75 available. Interested postgraduate students should submit a form found here:
These must be received by *Friday, 27th July 2007*.

For further details, contact: Dr Thom Brooks

The registration deadline is *3rd AUGUST 2007*

Philosophy of Education Society

Call for Papers for 2008 Annual Meeting



The 64th Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society will be held from Friday, April 11 through Monday, April 14, 2008 at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, Cambridge, MA. The Program Committee invites papers to be submittedfor presentation at the meeting and for subsequent publication in the Society's Yearbook, Philosophy of Education 2008. The Committee also invites two additional types of proposals: 1) proposals for alternative sessions and topical discussions to take place at the meeting, and 2) proposals for work-in-progress working sessions that will bring participants together to share a meal as a collaborative space for developing ideas that are not yet ready for the regular paper submission process.


Papers and proposals accepted will address questions about education that have significant philosophical dimensions, and will be drawn from a diversity of philosophical perspectives and traditions. The Committee will review only submissions made in accordance with the instructions below. With the exception of the Presidential Address, the Kneller Lecture and other specially designated invited talks, only those papers reviewed and accepted by the Program Committee, and invited responses to them, will be printed in Philosophy of Education 2008.

DEADLINE: Submissions must be filed electronically on the Open Journal System (see website) by 5:00 PM, November 1, 2007.

Information and submissions: