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What's wrong with nature?

An interdisciplinary seminar investigating human perceptions of nature and environmental change

January 25-26th, 2008, Tartu

Arranged by Jakob von Uexküll Center (Estonian Naturalists Society) in cooperation with Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics (University of Tartu)

Announcement of Spinoza Bibliography Online

We want to draw your attention to the Spinoza Bibliography Online  
which has recently been established under www.spinoza-bibliography.de.

Here you find more than 5.000 entries of the works of Spinoza,  
monographs, articles and reviews since 1653 up to the present. As the  
work on this bibliography has been started in Germany, German titles  
prevail at the moment. But since autumn, 2007, a network (Spinoza  
Bibliography Online Network = SBON) of about 15 collaborators from  
different countries / languages continually contributes to the  

The editors of the bibliography would welcome your collaboration in  
order to arrive at a more and more comprehensive documentation of  
Spinoza research, both past and present, worldwide.

You can contribute by
- sending bibliographical descriptions of your own publications on  
Spinoza or your editions of Spinoza's works, according to the masque;  
please, try to fill in as many of the categories as possible;
- sending bibliographical descriptions of other titles you come across  
during your research;
- informing us about corrections or completions of entries already  
registered in the bibliography, by e-mail.

The more you will contribute, the more useful the bibliography will be  
for our own purposes.

In the name of the Editorial Team

Winfried Schröder (Marburg/Germany) Manfred Walther (Hanover/Germany)

Philosophical Psychology, Morality and Politics Research Seminar (updated on 18 December 2007)


Spring 2008


Friday, 25 January, 12-15 (Auditorium IX, Main Building, Unioninkatu 34, 3rd floor)

Presentation of the Research Plans by the Team Leaders


Thursday, 7 – Saturday, 9 February (University Main Building)

Theology and Early Modern Philosophy (1550-1750), seminar organized by The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters 


Friday, 29 February, 12-15 (Auditorium IX, Main Building, Unioninkatu 34, 3rd floor)

Rhetoric and politeness in early modern political thought

                      Mikko Tolonen

                      Markku Peltonen


Friday, 14 March, 12-15 (Auditorium IX, Main Building, Unioninkatu 34, 3rd floor)

Rights Discourse in Late Medieval and Early Modern Period

                      Siegfried Van Duffel (State University of Singapore)

                      Jussi Varkemaa


Friday, 11 – Saturday, 12 April (place still open)

Nordic Centre of Excellence Workshop


Friday, 23 May, 12-15 (Auditorium IX, Main Building, Unioninkatu 34, 3rd floor)

Medieval and Renaissance Moral Psychology

Ilmari Karimies

Taina Holopainen

Jari Kaukua



The seminar is open.

Inquiries: Jussi Varkemaa, tel. 09- 19122521, e-mail:

3rd International Alvar Aalto Meeting on Modern Architecture

Building - Designing - Thinking

August 30-31, 2008
Jyväskylä, Finland


In the introduction to his essay on architecture, Abbé Laugier claims that "
in those arts which are not purely mechanical it is not sufficient to know
how to work; it is above all important to learn to think." But how should
one then think about architecture, or rather, think in architecture? Is
there a specific architectural way of thinking, as opposed to, say, an art
historical way of looking at a building? Can design be a form of thinking?
Or does it all boil down to subjective taste?

The 3rd International Meeting on the Research of Modern Architecture,
organised by the Alvar Aalto Academy, examines the points of contact, the
influences and effects, the interactions and affiliations, the correlations
and cross-fertilisations, the bonds and links between thinking, designing,
and building.

Chaired by Kari Jormakka, the meeting takes place in August, 2008, in
Helsinki and Jyväskylä, Finland, bringing together practicing architects and
architectural pedagogues, philosophers and art historians, sociologists and
cultural theorists. In addition to presentations by distinguished invited
speakers, as

Farshid Moussavi, Foreign Office Architects, London, England / Harvard
University, Cambridge MA, USA

Bernard Cache, Objectile, Paris, France

Jane Rendell, Bartlett, London, England

Leslie Kavanaugh, TU Delft, The Netherlands

Kimmo Lapintie, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

Gareth Griffiths, Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Contributions are sought for five paper workshops.


Conference proceedings will be refereed and published.

oAbstracts of 250 words are due 4 February by email to the address
. Paper Format Guidelines will be sent upon   request
and upon receipt of abstract. (Referee advice will be progressively

oNotification of acceptance by 25 February. Drafts due 28 April.

oFinal deadline for completed and accepted papers (of 4000 words maximum)
are due 2 June by email to the address academy@alvaraalto.fi.


oAccepted papers will be published in a pre-conference publication.

oKeynote speaker presentations and selected papers will be published and
distributed after the conference.

Dates to Remember:

4 February 2008 Deadline for Abstracts

25 February 2008 Notification Acceptance Abstract. Invitation to Full Paper

28 April 2008 Deadline for Draft Papers

2 June 2008 Deadline for Final Papers

30-31 August 2008 International Alvar Aalto Meeting on Modern Architecture

Clare O'Farrell's well-known web site on Michel Foucault ("Michel Foucault resources") has been completely redesigned and updated with a new name and address:
You can also find a new issue of the electronic journal "Foucault Studies", which has been brought back to life with a renewed editorial staff:
Clare O'Farrellin jo 1997 perustama Foucault-verkkosivu on avautunut kokonaan uudistettuna ja laajennettuna. Se löytyy uudesta osoiteesta:
Samalla sivujen yhteydessä lyhyesti toiminut Foucault Studies -verkkolehti käynnistyy uudelleen uusitulla toimituskunnalla:
Toimitus / Editors
Barthes’s Relevance Today
An International Symposium
University of Helsinki, December 13, 2007
Metsätalo building, lecture hall 4

9.15                Opening of the Symposium

9.30-10.30         Patrizia Calefato (University of Bari): On myths and
fashion: Barthes and cultural studies

10.30-11.00        Coffee

11.00-12.30        Anne Sivuoja-Gunaratnam (Sibelius Academy): Voicing ”Le
                Sirkka Knuuttila (University of Helsinki): “L’effet de réel”
revisited. Affectivity of image and mimesis in reference to the late Barthes
                Chair: Heta Pyrhönen

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-15.00        Heta Pyrhönen (University of Helsinki): “From Women to
Barthes with Love”
                Harri Veivo (University of Helsinki): Barthes’s positive
theory of the author
                Chair: Anne Sivuoja-Gunaratnam

15.00-15.30 Coffee

15.30-16.30        Michael Sheringham (Oxford University): Writing the Present:
notation, denotation and connotation in Barthes’s Collège de France lectures

16.30-16.45        Closing statements

Organized by the semiotics programme at the University of Helsinki