Brev till Pipping 11.02.1918

Upphovsman/kvinna: Westermarck Edvard
Utgivningsår: 11.02.1918
Publicerad i 04.05.2011
Brev från Edvard Westermarck till Rolf Pipping, daterat den 11.02.1918.

Inskanning/original: Åbo Akademis bibliotek
Skannerointi/alkuperäiskappale: Åbo Akademin kirjasto
Scan/original copy: Åbo Akademi University Library

Transkribering/Litterointi/Transcription: Fanny Malmberg/ 2008.

The Edvard Westermarck Online Collection
, (Eurooppalaisen filosofian seura ry) <> ed./red./toim. Juhani Ihanus, Tommy Lahtinen & Yrsa Neuman 2011.


Brev till Pipping 11.2.1918: Pipping1.pdf

Woodman's Cottage, Boxhill,


11th February 1918.

My dear Rolf,

                     I am terrified by the news I read in the papers

from Finland, and I am thinking of the people at home day and

night. If you are still in Sweden, you will surely let me know

anything you hear. It is like a night-mare, whoever could belie-

ve that it would go so far? I went up to London to meet our dele-

gates, and at the same time collect notes at the British Museum.

I met Reuter, too, and was so pleased to hear that he had seen

you at Stockholm. But that time seems so far off after what has

happened since. None of the Finlanders in London seem to know

more than I do, that is what we read about in the English papers

I try to keep away the horrible thoughts by working at my book,

and by walking in the wocd and observing the first leaves and

signs of spring and listening to the birds, but the thoughts

come back again. What can I do? Let me hear from you soon, if

you, as I hope, are still in Sweden.

                                                Ever yours affectionately,

                                                              Edv. Westermarck