Beginning the Logical Construction of Cognition

Upphovsman/kvinna: Manninen Juha
Utgivningsår: 2007
Publicerad i 24.09.2007
Published in
Sami Pihlström, Panu Raatikainen and Matti Sintonen (eds.) (2007) Approaching Truth. Essays in Honour of Ilkka Niiniluoto. College Publications, London.
Excerpts from the Introduction:
"Rudolf Carnap had some problems with the title of his famous book, Der logische Aufbau der Welt (1928). He had written a first, unpublished, sketch planning such a project, entitled ’Vom Chaos zur Wirklichkeit’, already in the summer of 1922. That early construction began with lived experiences, with reality as a middle-level, proceeding then to psychology and ultimately to the formal structures of physics, purified completely from qualia."
"Carnap’s Aufbau is often seen as a classic or even a paradigm of analytic philosophy. It has been less clear, however, what the aim of the book in fact was."


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