Conference: The Cognitive Relevance of Aesthetics; 31.8.-2.9., Tampere

Suomen Kulttuurirahaston rahoittama tutkimusprojekti Estetiikan tiedollinen merkitys järjestää tällä viikolla kansainvälisen konferenssin Tampereen yliopistosta. Aiheesta kiinnostuneet ovat tervetulleita!


The Cognitive Relevance of Aesthetics

University of Tampere, August 31–September 2 2017

University of Tampere, Linna K113


Thursday August 31 (chair: Jukka Mikkonen)


9:00–             Registration

9:30–10:45   Peter Lamarque (York): Truth in Poetry. A Matter of Detail

10.45–11.00  Break

11:00–11:45 Maria José Alcaraz Léon (Murcia): The Specific Cognitive Value of Aesthetics

11.45–12.30  Britt Harrison (York): Humanist Skepticism about the Very Notion of the Cognitive

12:30–14:00 Lunch

14:00–14:45 Karen Simecek (Warwick): Are Art and Philosophy Mutually Exclusive? What Might This Mean for Cognitivism?

14:45–15:30 Gerard Vilar (Autonomous University of Barcelona): Artistic Research and Cognitive Progress

15:30–16:00 Coffee

16:00–16:45 Michalle Gal (Shenkar College): Visual Metaphors, Visual Hybrids and Non-Conceptual Aesthetic Perception

16:45–17:30 Rebecca Wallbank (Uppsala): Reconsidering Artistic Value


Friday September 1 (chair: Kalle Puolakka)


9:30–10:45   Elisabeth Schellekens (Uppsala): Contemplation, Curiosity and Cognition. On Aesthetic Value and Epistemic Gain

10.45–11.00  Break

11.00–11.45  Vid Simoniti (Cambridge): Art and Minor Philosophical Genres

11.45–12:30  Stephen Chamberlain (Rockhurst): Understanding the Cognitive Value of Narrative Fiction

12:30–14:00 Lunch

14:00–14:45 Tzachi Zamir (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Literature. Value and


14:45–15:30 Jeremy Page (Uppsala): Work and Reader in Two Accounts of the Cognitive Value of Literature

15:30–16:00 Coffee

16:00–16:45 Irene Martiìnez Mariìn (Uppsala): Understanding (without) Feeling. The Case of

Nostalgic Expression


Saturday September 2 (chair: Hanne Appelqvist)


9:30–10:45   Lydia Goehr (Columbia): Cognitive Aesthetics or Conceptual Aesthetics. Or What Does It Mean to Think Philosophically through Art?

10:45–11:00 Break

11:00–11:45 Larissa Berger (University of Siegen): What We “Learn” in a Kantian Judgment of Taste?

11:45–12:30 Bogdan Nita (Bucharest): Kant’s Common Sense as a Key Concept to Explain the Aesthetic Judgment and its Relevance to Cognition

12:30             Closing


Organizing committee: Hanne Appelqvist, Kalle Puolakka, and Jukka Mikkonen


For further information, please contact Hanne Appelqvist (hanne.appelqvist[at]