Finnish Workshop in Medieval Philosophy; 20 November, Jyväskylä

Finnish Workshop in Medieval Philosophy


University of Jyväskylä, 20 November 2015

Main campus, lecture hall D 209.

The Finnish Workshop in Medieval Philosophy provides a chance for young and advanced scholars alike to present and test the results of their latest research. It welcomes contributions from any area of philosophy in the broad and long Middle Ages, including Arabic/Islamic, Byzantine, Jewish and Latin philosophy, and encompassing the transitions from antiquity and to early modernity. This inaugural meeting is intended to launch a series of annual events.

The workshop is open for all interested.



9.00 Opening words

9.15 Fedor Benevich (Munich): The Analytic/Synthetic Distinction in Avicenna

10.40 Andreas Lammer (Munich): A Troubled Account of Place: Everyone against Aristotle and Avicenna against Everyone

13.00 Anselm Oelze (Berlin): Do Animals Grasp Universals? Some Medieval Views on Universal Cognition in Nonhuman Animals

14.25 Véronique Decaix (Paris): On Categorical Constitution: Dietrich of Freiberg

16.15 Sonja Schierbaum (Hamburg): Varieties of Voluntarism: Ockham and Crusius



Jari Kaukua & Juhana Toivanen