Nordic workshop in early modern philosophy 2011; 4.-5.6., Iceland

Institute of Philosophy, University of Iceland

Saturday 4 June: Seminar room, Gimli 301

Chair, morning session: Henry Alexander Henrysson

09:00–09:15     Introduction and Welcome
09:15–10:15     Toni Kannisto (Oslo) “Kant on the Role of God”
10:15–10:45     Coffee
10:45–11:45     Hemmo Laiho (Turku) “The Notion of Experience in Kant”
11:45–12:45     Helen Haav (Tartu) “Two Concepts of Respect in the Critique of Judgment”

12:45 – 14:15   Lunch

Chair, afternoon session: Jani Hakkarainen

14:15–15:15     Markku Roinila (Helsinki) “Leibniz on Emotions and the Human Body”
15:15–16:15     Hedda Hassel Mørch (Oslo) “From Active Substances to Panpsychism: Is Leibniz’s Argument Sound?”
16:15–17:15     Henry Alexander Henrysson (Reykjavik) “Installing Windows: Christian Wolff on Causality”

Sunday 5 June: Seminar room, Gimli 301

Chair, morning session: Markku Roinila

09:00–10:00     Valtteri Viljanen (Turku) “Spinoza on Activity in Sense Perception”
10:00–10:30     Coffee
10:30–11:30     Vili Lähteenmäki (Jyväskylä) “Locke on Active Perception”
11:30–12:30     Jonas Indregard (Oslo) “Modifications of the Mind: Inner Sense from Leibniz to Kant”

12:30–14:00     Lunch

Chair, afternoon session: Toni Kannisto

14.00–15:00     Jani Hakkarainen (Tampere) “Hume’s Argument for the Existential Independence of Simple Properties”
15:00–16:00     Roomet Jakapi (Tartu) “Dodwell and Norris on Immortality”
16:00–16:30     NWEMP – MEETING