Conference: Hume's Metaphysics and Humean Metaphysics (Tampere 20-22.6.2011)

School of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Tampere, Finland
June 20-22, 2011


Monday, June 20    Paavo Koli Lecture Theathre (Pinni A Building)

9.15-9.30    Opening
9.30-11.00    Helen Beebee (Birmingham): Humean Metaphysics: An Oxymoron?
11.00-11.45    Philipp Keller (Geneve): Humean Supervenience – not quite dead yet
11.45-12.30    Tuomas Tahko (Helsinki): The Modal Basis of Humean Supervenience
12.30-14.00    Lunch Break
14.00-14.45    Crawford Elder (UConn): The Alleged Supervenience of Everything on Microphysics
14.45-15.30    George Darby (Kent): Humean Supervenience and Quantum Mechanics
15.30-16.00    Coffee Break
16.00-17.30    Markku Keinänen (University of Turku): Against Humean Trope Theory
17.30-18.15    Dolf Rami (King's College/Göttingen): An Axiomatic Bundle Theory of Substance
18.30        Welcoming Reception

Tuesday, June 21    Paavo Koli

9.30-11.00    Jonathan Lowe (Durham): Causal Powers and the Problem of Induction
11.00-11.45    Roberta Ballarin (UBC): Plenitude and Non-Essential Necessary Connections
11.45-12.30    Benjamin Curtis (Nottingham): The Humean Recombination Principle and Quidditism
12.30-14.00    Lunch Break
14.00-14.45    Pasi Valtonen (Tampere): Lewis' Anti-Haecceitism and Questions about Essences
14.45-15.30    Heikki J. Koskinen (Tampere): Anti-Humean Substance Dualism and Person-Body Symmetry
15.30-16.00    Coffee Break
16.00-17.30    Stephen Mumford (Nottingham): Hume’s Argument against Powers
17.30-18.15    Panu Raatikainen (Helsinki): A Somewhat Humean Theory of Causation
20.00        Dinner

Wednesday, June 22    Paavo Koli

9.30-11.00    Donald L.M. Baxter (UConn): Hume on Abstraction and Identity
11.00-11.45    Ferenc Huoranszki (CEU, Budapest): Hume, Powers, and Humeanism
11.45-12.30    Jani Hakkarainen (Tampere): Hume's Argument for the Existential Independence of Simple Properties
12.30-13.30    Lunch Break
13.30-15.00    Todd Ryan (Trinity College, Hartford): Hume's Metaphysics of Time
15.00-15.45    Abraham Anderson (Sarah Lawrence College): Hume's Critique of the Conceivability Principle in the Enquiry and Dialogues
15.45-16.15    Coffee Break
16.15-17.45    Don Garrett (NYU): Rethinking Hume's Second Thoughts about Personal Identity
17.45-18.30    Andrew Ward (York): Hume and Kant on the Law of Cause and Effect
19.00-24.00    Conference Dinner and Sauna (Kaupinojan sauna, Kaupinpuistonkatu)

Dr Jani Hakkarainen
+358 40 1904125

The conference is organised by two projects of Academy of Finland:
British Empiricism and Trope Nominalism, and Judgment and Human Rationality
and supported by
Finnish Cultural Foundation
Tampere University Foundation