David Hume and Contemporary Philosophy; 15.-17.11.2011, Moscow

Call for papers (extended)
Moscow, Russia, November 2011

The Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Moscow State University and the Higher School of Economics are pleased to announce their international conference "David Hume and Contemporary Philosophy" devoted to Hume's 300th jubilee, to be held November 15-17, 2011.

The special themes of the conference are:
Hume and Epistemology
Hume and Philosophy of Mind
Hume and Scientific Method
Hume and World Philosophy
Hume's Moral Philosophy
Social and Political Philosophy

Keynote speakers: E. Agazzi, J.Bricke, J. Conant, B. Stroud, S. Fuller, R. Fogelin, R. Harre, I. Kasavin, J. Klagge, V. Lektorsky, N. Motroschilova, L. Mikeshina, J. Pitt, T. Rockmore, V. Vasiliev

Conference director: Ilya Kasavin, deputy directors: Vadim Vasiljev, Valentin Bazhanov, Aleksey Rutkevich Local organizing committee: Petr Kusliy, Ekaterina Vostrikova, Alexander Antonovsky, Anastasia Yasterbsteva, Andrey Veretennikov, Dmitriy Ivanov, Ruben Apresyan.

Papers should be no more than thirty minutes reading length (4000 words max) and must include 100 word (max) abstract and key words.

Papers must be sent to hume2011moscow(at)iph.ras.ru by April, 15, 2011.
Authors will be notified that their submissions have been received. If you
submit a paper and do not receive an acknowledgement by April 30, 2011
please email vostrikova(at)iph.ras.ru.

Papers may be submitted in English or Russian (in the latter case see

There is no conference fee for all participants.

Non-Russian citizens have to apply for visa to travel to Russia. We can provide you with an official invitation to the conference after the acceptance of the paper.

For further information, please contact the committee at: