Knowledge in Medicine - Questions in Medical Epistemology; 9.-11.6., Helsinki

Knowledge in Medicine -Questions in Medical Epistemology

PhD-course/Seminar, Helsinki, Finland

Aim: To introduce central questions in medical epistemology. 

Target group: 1) PhD students in medicine and health sciences, 2) Anyone interested

Time: June 9-11, 2011

Venue: House of Sciences, Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki, Finland

Director of the course: Docent Pekka Louhiala, Hjelt institute, University of Helsinki

Organisers: Nordic Network for Philosophy of Medicine and Medical Ethics, Finnish Society for Philosophy of Medicine, Doctoral Programs in Public Health

Volume:  2 credits: lectures + learning diary + exercise. Instructions about the exercise are sent in advance. (It is possible to participate without completing a learning diary and the exercise).

Preliminary programme:

Thursday, June 9 

17.00-17.15     Introduction – Doc. P. Louhiala
17.15-18.15    Current trends in the epistemology of science – Dr. Jaakko Kuorikoski
18.15-19.15    Medical epistemology: forms of rationality in health care – Prof. B.Hofmann

Friday, June 10

09.00-10.00    Identification and classification of diseases: ontological and epistemic problems - Prof. L. Nordenfeldt
10.00-11.00    Medical epistemology – epistemology of practice? Prof. S.Pihlström
11.00-11.30    Coffee
11.30-12.30    Knowledge in the natural sciences - Prof. M. Sintonen
12.30-13.30    Lunch
13.30-14.30    Knowledge in a clinical encounter – Prof. M. Leiman
14.30-15.30    Knowledge in the medical humanities – Prof. H.M. Evans
15.30-16.00    Coffee
16.00-17.00     Statistical knowledge and clinical knowledge – Dr. J. Nummenmaa

Saturday, June 11

09.00-10.30    Exercise: medicine and philosophy on the map of sciences – Doc. P. Louhiala
10.30-11.00     Coffee
11.00-12.00     Social formation of medical knowledge – Prof. P. Alanen
12.00-12.15    Closing remarks – Dr. R. Puustinen
12.15-              Lunch and departure

General information

Enquiries and registration
: by May 26 to pekka.louhiala(at)

Registration Fee: The seminar is free for members of the Nordic Network for Philosophy of Medicine and Medical Ethics, Finnish Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Doctoral Programs in Public Health as well as undergraduate students. For others, the fee if 50 €.    

Travel: By air: several airlines fly to Helsinki. By sea: ferries from Tallinn and Stockholm. Approximately twelve grants are available for junior members of the Nordic Network for Philosophy of Medicine and Medical Ethics (please contact Prof. lennart.nordenfelt(at) )

Accommodation in Helsinki has to be arranged by the participants themselves. There are several possibilities in all price classes. The centre of Helsinki is small and many hotels are within walking distance from the House of Sciences.