VIRAT postdoc 2 years Umeå University

2-year post-doc appointments at the Faculty of Arts, Umeå University

The Faculty of Arts at Umeå University announces four 2-year post-doc appointments. Applications are invited in the following six research areas:
-Language and Cognition
- The Humanities and Information Technology
- Pre-Modern Studies
- Language Didactics
- Science, Technology and Environment
- Educations Didactics with History of Education

Candidates are eligible who have a PhD no more than three years old at the time of the application deadline and have not previously held a post-doc or post-doc like position.
Applications should include:
- a CV,
- a list of publications,
- a research plan comprising 5-8 pages.
One of the above research areas should be clearly cited in the application. If the project fits more than one area, that should be clearly cited in the application.
Each appointment will be placed at one of the departments or units at the Faculty of Arts. Interviews will be made as part of the selection process. The research must be carried out in Umeå.
For further information about the research areas, contact (by phone or e-mail):

Pär Sundström, phone +46 90 7865163 or Kirk Sullivan, phone +46 90 786 9549 (Language and Cognition)
Patrik Svensson (The Humanities and Information Technology), phone +46 70 397 8466
Jonas Carlquist (Pre-Modern Studies), phone +46 70 873 6299
Kirk Sullivan (Language Didactics), phone +46 90 786 9549
Jenny Eklöf (Science, Technology and Environment), phone+46 90 786 5456
Daniel Lindmark (Educations Didactics with History of Education), phone +46 90 786 6250

Applications that are sent electronically should be in word- or pdf-format.
Applications, marked with reference number 315-127-11 may be sent to jobb(a) (please cite the reference number in the subject line) or to: Umeå University, Registrator, SE-901 87 Umeå, Sweden, and must have arrived no later than March 21, 2011.
We look forward to receiving your application!

[This excerpt translates only the description of the area Language and Cognition, thus:]

Language and Cognition
Language and Cognition designates the cognitive science research environment at the faculty of Arts at Umeå University. Its centre of gravity is in the fields of philosophy and linguistics. Research areas in this environment include philosophy of mind, logic, philosophy of language, linguistic and conceptual development, and semantics. We welcome projects in these areas, but also other projects that focus on issues concerning language, perception, thinking, memory and action. Please visit our webpage at: