History of Philosophy Research Seminar Spring 2011; Helsinki

Research seminar on Ancient to Early Modern philosophy arranged by the members of the ”Philosophical Psychology, Morality and Politics” Centre of Excellence Research Programme. It is open for researchers and students interested in the area, but does not give students credits.

Time: Tuesdays 14:15-15:45
Place: Porthania (Yliopistonkatu 3, Helsinki) Seminar room 344

8. 2. Toomas Lott (Tartu): Thought and its relation to ousia in Plato's Theaetetus 185A-186E

15. 2. Juhana Lemetti : Hobbes on imagining taste, touch and smell

Experiential or sensory imagination is often identified with vision and, sometimes, also with hearing. The rest of the sense modalities are assumed to work in the same way. This paper studies this claim in the context of Thomas Hobbes’s account of imagination, but the discussion may have some significance to other early modern empiristic theories of mind and imagination.

15. 3. Vili Lähteenmäki: TBA

22. 3. Ari Korhonen: Kant ja ymmärryksen esimerkit

29. 3. Minna Koivuniemi: Mind-Body Union in Descartes and Spinoza - What did they agree on, What didn't they?

5. 4. Jani Hakkarainen: Hume on the Unification of Complex Entities

19. 4. Ilmari Jauhiainen: TBA

26. 4. Jari Kaukua: Self-awareness in Avicenna, Suhrawardi and Mulla Sadra

3. 5. Mikko Tolonen: TBA

10. 5. Valtteri Viljanen: TBA

17. 5. Pauliina Remes: TBA

Please note that the seminar is based on discussion. The participants are expected to read the papers in advance. They are usually made available about four days in advance. Please contact Markku Roinila (markku.roinila (at) helsinki.fi) to receive the papers.