An updated program for PMP research seminar; Helsinki

PMP Research seminar

[Program for November updated 30.10.2010]

Friday, 5 November, 12-15 (Auditorium IV, Main Building, Unioninkatu  34, 2nd floor) Philosophy of Gender

Juha Sihvola, Aristotle on gender in biology, psychology and politics
Malin Grahn, "Who is this who smells like woman?" The Stoics on the  signs of gender
Ilse Paakkinen, On Christine of Pisa

Please, note also the next seminar, also in November:
Friday, 26 November, 12-16 (Auditorium IV, Main Building, Unioninkatu  34, 2nd floor)
Hobbes, politics, and passions

Timo Airaksinen (Helsinki), Hobbes: The Scandal of Safety and Security  Revisited
Jeffrey Collins (Ontario / Cambridge), Hobbes and toleration
Johan Tralau (Uppsala), Hobbes's use of metaphor and the biological  foundations of beauty
Juhana Lemetti (Helsinki), Hobbes's theory of passions and its  scientific context
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