Philosophy in literature seminar; 27.-28.5.2010, Vaasa

An international congress on philosophical questions related to literature and the study of literature, at the University of Vaasa, Finland, 27–28 May 2010.

Venue: The Auditorium Nissi in the Tritonia building


May 27, 2010
Coffee & Registration 8:30–9:20 am
Welcome Address 9:20
Professor Merja Koskela, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Vaasa

    Session 1
Chair: Tommi Lehtonen, University of Vaasa

Poetry Clarifies Meaning – Seneca on Tragedy and Moral Developments, Malin Grahn, University of Helsinki

Arguing Against Dummies – Hypothetical Simple-minded Opponents in Philosophical Dialogue, Sami Jansson, University of Vaasa

Possible Worlds in Literary Theory, Jenni Tyynelä, University of Tampere

Idealization and Exemplification as Tools of Philosophy – A Panel Discussion with Malin Grahn, Sami Jansson, and Jenni Tyynelä, chaired by Tommi Lehtonen

    Session 2
Chair: Charles Norman Todd, University of Chicago
Keynote Address

Poetic Meaning, Kisor K. Chakrabarti, Davis & Elkins College

Lunch Break 12:00–1:00 pm

    Session 3
Chair: Tiina Mäntymäki, University of Vaasa

Heidegger and Aesthetic Knowledge: On the Construction of Literary Hermeneutics and Phenomenological Ontology, Evan Smith, University of St. Andrews

Romantic Exteriority: On the Construction of Literature in Jean Paul and P.B. Shelley, William Coker, Bilkent University

Ethics, Literature, the Emotional Link, Lykke Guanio-Uluru, University of Oslo

    Session 4
Chair: Robert Hughes, Ohio State University

Literary Metaphysics: The Case of Sufism, Ezgi Ulusoy Aranyosi, Bilkent University

Poetizing Nonduality, Kimiyo Murata-Soraci, Tama University

Beating the Ground at the Yi River: Philosophical Aspects of Shao Yong, 1012–1077, Martin Doesch, University of Erlangen

    Session 5
Chair: David Bartholomae, University of Pittsburgh

Philosophical Thought in Ancient Greek Tragedy, Christopher Vasillopulos, Eastern Connecticut State University

The Path of Passion in Seneca’s Phaedra, Panos Eliopoulos, Olympic Center, Athens

George Bataille’s Politics of Unreason and His Position between Philosophy and Literature, Angelos Evangelou, University of Kent

    Session 6
5:30–7:30 pm
Chair: Panos Eliopoulos, Olympic Center, Athens

Benjamin and Scholem Interpreting Kafka, Enrico Lucca, University of Milan

Thought Experiments in Philosophy of Fiction, Iskra Fileva, University of Nevada

Thesis, Antitheses, Godot: Adorno, Beckett, and the Impossibility of Sublation, Markku Nivalainen, University of Jyväskylä

Literature in Philosophy, or How the “True Friedrich Nietzsche” Finally Became a Fable? – The Story of an Error”, Kristóf Fenyvesi, University of Jyväskylä

May 28, 2010
Coffee & Registration 8:00–8:30 am

    Session 1
Chair: Janice Schuetz, University of New Mexico

Language of Mystics, Chandana Chakrabarti, Davis & Elkins College

The Traumatized Hero Story: Representations of Magical Recovery, Melissa Burchard, University of North Carolina, Asheville

Sharing Expectations, Humberto Brito, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Lacanian Aesthetics and the Uncanny, Robert Hughes, Ohio State University

The Body as a Place of Resistance in Angela Carter’s The Magic Toyshop, Tiina Mäntymäki, University of Vaasa

Genre and Voice in Kierkegaard’s Concept of Anxiety, Andrew J. Burgress, University of New Mexico

Harry Potter & Company - Friendship Incorporated, Diana Abad, University of Dortmund

Lunch Break 12:00–1:00 pm

    Session 2
Chair: Carsten Fogh Nielsen, University of Copenhagen

The Conception of Life in Works of Boris Patternak and Mr. Henry, Tatiana Guschina, Research Academy of Sciences, Moscow

Okot p’Bitek and Richard Rorty’s Critique of Universalism, Gerald Porter, University of Vaasa

Readings of Galileo, Gereon Wolters, Universität Konstanz

    Session 3
Chair: Kimiyo Murata-Soraci, Tama University

Personal and Literary Apocalypse – The Impossible Heap, Diana Adela Martin, European College of Liberal Arts, Berlin

Modernism’s Romantic Roots, Irina Ruvinsky, University of Chicago

Philosphy as Literature: Robert Musil’s The Man Without Qualities, Mette Block, University of Roskilde

    Session 4
Chair: Gerald Porter, University of Vaasa

Cultivating Vice: Taking Pleasure in the Bad in Dorian Gray, Charles Norman Todd, University of Chicago

Virtue as Disease, Ana Almeida, University of Lisbon

Breathing a Different Air of Life: The Ethical Demand on Wittgenstein’s Reader, Jonathan Beale, University of Reading

    Session 5
5:30–7:30 pm
Chair: Diana Abad, Dortmund University

Other Weapons: Fragmentation, Configuration, and the Ethical Life, Minerva Ahumada Tores, Northeastern Illinois University

Philosophical Approach of John Neumeier to Othello by William Shakespeare, phenomenological perspective, Elizabeth Koldzak, University of Lodz

Homesick for the Chains: The Burden of Freedom in Russian Literature and Thought, Alicja Gescinska, Ghent University

Beyond the Myth/Philosophy Dichotomy: Foundations for an Interdependent Perspective, Omid Tofighian, Leiden University

The Best and the Law: Kantian Thesis in Terry Prattchet’s, Carsten Fogh Nielsen, University of Copenhagen