Scholarships for graduate students and MRes for undergraduate students; Northern Institute of Philosophy, Aberdeen

To all Philosophy graduate students

The Northern Institute of Philosophy invites applications for ...

5 SUMMER GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS: spend nine weeks this summer in this stimulating research community in Aberdeen. For more information, see here.

2 FULLY FUNDED PHD SCHOLARSHIPS: these three year awards are available to UK, EU and international students. For more information, see here.

To all undergraduate Philosophy students

The Northern Institute of Philosophy is delighted to announce ...

This innovative form of Masters programme, with a principal emphasis on research, is unique to Aberdeen and the Northern Institute. It is designed for able graduates with a reasonably broad undergraduate philosophical experience who wish to begin to acquire the specialised skills needed for independent research in philosophy prior to application to PhD programmes. The programme will include elements of conventional Masters coursework but will involve a much greater explicit emphasis on research skills and practices than is normal in Masters courses in philosophy. These will be developed ‘hands on’ via participation in the collaborative research activities of the Northern Institute and the supervised pursuit of small research projects of one’s choosing. For more information, visit the NIP MRes website.