Sakari Hänninen on Gramsci and Mónica García-Salmone on Kelsen at the Culture and Politics seminar; 12.2.2010, Helsinki

Culture and Politics

Two presentaions next Friday, 12 February 14-17, University of Helsinki, Porthania, P545:

Sakari Hänninen: Gramsci in Relation to Machiavelli

My aim is to make some sense of Gramsci's possible contribution towards politico-legal analysis. I shall not address those legal scholars (Critical Legal Studies et al) who have taken advantage of Gramsci's idea of hegemony and reworked it, but to start from the context in which Gramsci himself wrote his texts. In this effort I shall also address his reading of Machiavelli which makes sense why Gramsci might offer quite an alternative way of approaching state and law than the tradition anchoring itself to Hobbes and his "admirers".

Mónica García-Salmones: Social and Political Philosophy of Hans Kelsen

Hans Kelsen founded his legal theory upon pregnant intellectual assumptions. A study of his social philosophy might be divided into two. On that field he oscillated between a critique to the discipline of sociology of law and a personal engagement with sociology. Both his rejection of the sociology of law and the fact that, in a mature age, embarked in sociological studies himself contribute to better grasp the legal theory of one of the most celebrated 'Staatsrechtslehrer' of 20th century.

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Samuli & Sabine

For the whole programme of Culture and Politics seminar, see:

Culture and Politics 2009-2010

This is an ongoing monthly seminar under the auspices of the chair of legal sociology,
Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki. The seminar aims at opening a space for
discussing, mapping and developing perspectives of social, political and cultural
theory to legal research; and why not also legal theory perspectives to social, political
and cultural research.

The seminar is led by Sabine Frerichs sabine[dot]frerichs[at]helsinki[dot]fi and
Samuli Hurri samuli[dot]hurri[at]helsinki[dot]fi. Welcome everyone!

Programme (changes and additions are possible)

Wednesday 23 September 14-16 P 545
Sabine Frerichs: Re-embedding Neo-liberal Constitutionalism: a Polanyian Case for
the Economic Sociology of Law

Tuesday 6 October 14-16 P545
Jason Beckett: Foucault's Ghosts and the Shadow of Justice

Monday 9 November 14-16 P545
Zenon Ba kowski: The Space to See: Law and the Ethical Imagination

Wednesday 9 December 14-16 P 545
Dorota A. Gozdecka: From Religion to Culture
[Wednesday 27 January 14-16 P545
Hänninen’s presentation is moved to the 12 February session!!]
[See: on 28-30 January Power of Law workshop, You need to register for this!]

Friday 12 February 14-17(NB: three hours!) P545

Sakari Hänninen: Gramsci in Relation to Machiavelli
Mónica García-Salmones: Social and Political Philosophy of Hans Kelsen

Friday 5 March 14-16 P545
Marjo Ylhäinen: Symbolic Power in the Legal Field

Tuesday 13 April 14-16 P545
Panu Minkkinen: Max Weber's Tragic Modernity

Tuesday 11 May 14-16 P545
Ida Koivisto: Foucault
Samuli Hurri: Foucault’s Subtexts of Law