TINT seminar: Evolution and the Human Sciences; 12.-13.11., Helsinki


A workshop organized by Academy of Finland funded projects Modeling Mechanisms (Department of Philosophy) and Trends and Tensions in Intellectual Integration, TINT (Department of Social and Moral Philosophy)

University of Helsinki, Main Building,
November 12-13, 2009
The purpose of the interdisciplinary workshop is to discuss the relevance of evolutionary theory for the human sciences. The first day of the workhop will concentrate on the sciences of cognition, while the focus of the second will be on the social sciences.

The workshop programme and speakers:

DAY 1:  COGNITION (Main Building, lecture room 5, Thursday 12th of November)

10.00 - 10.10 Matti Sintonen (University of Helsinki): Opening

10.10 - 11.10 Richard Samuels (Ohio State University): On the evolution of cognitive flexibility

11.20 - 12.20 Pauli Brattico (University of Jyväskylä): Evolutionary approaches to the human language

12.20 - 13.40 Lunch

13.40 - 14.40 Katja Valli (University of Turku): Does Dreaming serve a function? Evolutionary approach to dream consciousness

14.50 - 15.50 Ron Mallon (University of Utah): Evolutionary cognitive and social constructionist accounts of racial cognition: towards an integrated account

16.00 - 17.00 Tomi Kokkonen (University of Helsinki): Psychological innateness and evolutionary explanations of human behavior

DAY 2: SOCIAL SCIENCES (Main Building, lecture room 13, Friday 13th of November)

10.00 - 10.10 Uskali Mäki (Academy of Finland): Opening

10.10 - 11.10 Herbert Gintis (Santa Fe Institute): Five principles for the unification of the behavioral sciences

11.20 - 12.20 Markus Jokela (University of Helsinki): The importance of variation in evolutionary social sciences

12.20 - 13.40 Lunch

13.40 - 14.40 Till Grüne-Yanoff (Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies): Evolutionary game theory between interpersonal comparisons

14.50 - 15.50 Jack Vromen (Erasmus University Rotterdam): Is reciprocity-based cooperation "ultimately" altruistic or selfish? A red herring

16.00 - 17.00 Petri Ylikoski (University of Tampere): Evolution and explanatory integration in the social sciences
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For further information see: www.helsinki.fi/filosofia/tint/events or contact paivi.a.seppala(at)helsinki.fi or petri.ylikoski(at)uta.fi