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Dear Fellow Philosophers,

I would like to bring to your attention a new resource for philosophers called Philosopher's Digest.  The Digest enables philosophers to stay abreast of interesting work in the field by publishing online short (generally fewer than 1000 words) reviews of articles in academic philosophy journals.  The Digest’s reviews may contain critical content, but their main purpose is expository, enabling philosophers to get a clear view of the major argumentative moves of a paper. Reviews are written by published philosophers working in wide variety of philosophical sub-disciplines, and so their topics vary accordingly. Currently we expect to publish two or three reviews per week, and more as we add reviewers. Comment threads for the Digest’s reviews are open, and we invite the authors of reviewed articles as well as interested philosophers in general to meet and discuss the site’s reviews in what we hope will be a helpful, insightful, and interesting exchange.

The Philosopher’s Digest is now available at

Ben Dyer

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Thank you for the information regarding the Philosopher's Digest. That was exactly what I needed to read today. ccna voice Thank you