2 PhD fellow positions at CSMN (Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature), University of Oslo

2 PhD Fellow Positions (Doctoral Scholarships)
TWO POSITIONS as PHD FELLOW (DOCTORAL SCHOLARSHIPS, duration 3 years ) available at CSMN – Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, IFIKK, University of Oslo.

CSMN is a Centre of excellence in the Norwegian Research Council’s SFF-program. Its principal goal is to understand the characteristic features of human minds and their place in nature. This understanding is to be gained though a comprehensive study of central mental capacities as expressed in (1) rational agency, (2) linguistic agency and (3) moral agency.

CSMN’s research topics lie at the interface of philosophy and the empirical sciences; and in addition to purely philosophical research, it will conduct interdisciplinary research involving such subjects as linguistics, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, political science, economics and sociology.

Intending applicants should visit: http://www.csmn.uio.no/research/  for further information about CSMN’s research goals.

CSMN invites applications for 2 three-year PhD scholarships to be held in the rational or linguistic agency branch of CSMN. Candidates’ applications should make clear which of these two branches they would work in if appointed. Successful applicants have to secure admittance to the relevant PhD programs. PhD Fellows will undertake research training leading to the successful completion of a doctoral (PhD) degree.

The PhD Fellows who are appointed will have their workplace and academic contact at CSMN in Oslo. They will normally be supervised by one of CSMN’s core group members. These are Professors Cappelen, Fricke, Gjelsvik, Hansen, Hornsby, Pogge, Ramberg, and Wilson. Arrangements for co-supervision will be made where the principal supervisor is mainly resident outside Norway. Successful candidates will be expected to participate in CSMN’s PhD program.

For more information about the application process, see their full announcement:

Closing day for application:  October 20th,2008.