Critical Marxism Today; seminaari 2.4.


Monday, April 2, 2007 at the University of Tampere
Linna Building, Lecture Hall K103 (10.15 –12:00) and K113 (12:30 – 14:00)
10:15 Juha Koivisto and Mikko Lahtinen: Wellcome and Introduction
10:30 Wolfgang Fritz Haug: Philosophizing with Marx today – The axiomatic field
11:15 Frigga Haug: Marx in Feminism
12:00–12:30 Break
12:30 Peter Thomas: The Altermondialisation of Marxism
13:15 Juha Koivisto and Mikko Lahtinen: Conjunctures of Marxism and Cultural Studies
Lisätietoja: Juha Koivisto () ja Mikko Lahtinen