Jatko-opiskelijapaikka Uppsala

The Upsala University Department of Philosophy is now accepting applications for an opening in the Ph.D. program in history of philosophy.

Our Ph.D.program is a full-time four-year program. The first two years are financed by a scholarship, and the last two with an assistantship.
The successful candidate is expected to partake actively in seminars and other departmental activities. If the candidate selects to engage in teaching, the financing period will be extended proportionately, up to 20%.
An M.A. in philosophy (or the equivalent), with a focus on the history of philosophy, is a prerequisite for acceptance into the program.

The application format may be downloaded here.

The applicant should attach his or her thesis/theses, published papers, CV, a short dissertation proposal (4-5 pages) and other documents he/she deems relevant.

The application guidelines can be found at http://info.uu.se/uadm/dokument.nsf/sidor/D5D3E083C60591BFC1257212004AD7....

For further information, please contact the Chair of the department, Lars-Göran Johansson, by telephone (+46-184717361) or email lars-goran.johansson@filosofi.uu.se.

The application, with registration number, should be mailed to the registrar, Uppsala Universitet, box 256, 75105 Uppsala, no later than March 3, 2008.