History of Mind Research Seminar

History of Mind Research Seminar

Autumn 2007


Friday, 28 September, 12-14 (Auditorium IX, Main Building, Unioninkatu 34,
3rd floor)

    Virpi Mäkinen, "The ideas of self-preservation and self-ownership in the
development of rights discourse, 1200?1400"
    Petter Korkman, "Civil and Ecclesiastical Toleration in Early
Enlightenment Natural Law"


Friday, 2 November, 12-15 (Auditorium III, Main Building, 2nd floor)

    Christel Fricke (Oslo), "Learning How to Feel: Adam Smith on Selfishness
and Sympathy"
    Kari Saastamoinen, "Selfishness and Sympathy in Pufendorf"


Friday, 30 November, 12-15 (Auditorium IV, Main Building, 2nd floor)

    Concluding Remarks
    Juha Sihvola, Aristotle
    Simo Knuuttila, John Duns Scotus
    Risto Saarinen, Petrarch
    Lilli Alanen, Descartes


The seminar is open.

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