Call for papers: 30th International Wittgenstein Symposium: Philosophy of the Information Society; Itävalta

Call for papers

30th International Wittgenstein Symposium

Kirchberg am Wechsel, Lower Austria,
Sunday, 5 August 2007 - Saturday, 11 August 2007


Its general theme will be:

Philosophy of the Information Society


1. Wittgenstein

2. Wittgenstein and the digital turn

3. Information science, text theory and hermeneutics in the digital context

4. Philosophy of media

5. Philosophy of the Internet

6. Ethics and political economy of the information society

Workshop: Electronic philosophy resources and Open Source


Philosophers work on texts employing genres that have been familiar for hundreds of years: essays, reference works, lectures etc. Modern information and communication technologies now challenge such endeavour with a hitherto unimagined field of possibilities, while the Internet has expanded the spectrum still further. It is not just a matter of “transporting texts across the web”. Email, chats, virtual communities, interactive text production and multimedia presentations all confront traditional philosophy with barely explored forms of expression and professional activity. The knowledge society is founded on digital techniques that also imply a transformation of the instruments used in knowledge work. The consequences reach as far as the most elementary forms of communication within the humanities. Starting out from a consideration of the role that Wittgenstein and Wittgenstein research could and do already play in this context, “Philosophy of the Information Society” will form the subject of six sections and of a workshop as also a panel debate.



30 April 2007: Deadline for submitted papers, payment for speakers
31 May 2007: Information concerning acceptance/non-acceptance of the submitted papers (conference fees are fully reimbursable in case of non-acceptance)
20 July 2007: Deadline for registration and payment for non-speakers
20 July 2007 Last possible reimbursement of conference fees (a handling charge will be deducted)
5 August 2007: Beginning of the Symposium