The European Philosophy of Science Association perustettu

The European Philosophy of Science Association (EPSA)
It is our pleasure to announce that the European Philosophy of Science Association (EPSA) has been established and will be registered in Vienna, Austria. EPSA was brought to life by the recognition that the time was ripe for a forum that would bring together professional philosophers of science and students from the whole of Europe (and the rest of the world) and foster collaboration and exchange of ideas among them.
The general aim of the EPSA is to promote and advance philosophy of science in Europe. It will do this by furthering contacts among philosophers of science in Europe; by ensuring that information relating to philosophy of science in Europe is regularly circulated; by supporting, on the international level, progress in philosophical studies of science; and by promoting the public understanding of science within the learned and educated public.
Membership to EPSA is open to everyone, irrespective of nationality. Every member has the right to vote and to be elected in the Steering Committee of EPSA, which is the governing body of the Association. The first Steering Committee of EPSA has been formed on an ad hoc basis by the ten founders aiming to co-ordinate the activities of EPSA until the first meeting of the General Assembly which will vote for the officers of the first elected Steering Committee.
The first Conference of EPSA (in which the General Assembly will convene) is envisaged to take place towards the end of 2007 in Madrid. Then, the aim is for a European conference every two years. We hope that we shall soon be able to advertise the details of the first conference and to issue a call for abstracts, judged for inclusion by a Programme Committee and additional experts consisting of philosophers of science throughout Europe.
We invite all philosophers of science to join us in this endeavour and to embrace the EPSA.

The Members of the Steering Committee of EPA
Henk DE REGT, Amsterdam (Member)
Mauro DORATO, Rome (Vice-Treasurer)
Maria Carla GALAVOTTI, Bologna (Member)
Stephan HARTMANN, London (Member)
Berna KILINC, Istanbul (Member)
Stathis PSILLOS, Athens (Secretary)
Miklos REDEI, Budapest (Treasurer)
Matti SINTONEN, Helsinki (President)
Friedrich STADLER, Vienna (Vice-President)
Mauricio SUAREZ, Madrid (Vice-Secretary)
Helsinki and Vienna
December 8, 2006