Hegel Society of Great Britain — 28th Annual Conference


St Edmund Hall, Oxford — 10th-12th September 2007

"Hegel and the Phenomenology of Spirit": Commemorating 200 years since its first publication

Website: http://www.hsgb.group.shef.ac.uk/conference.html

Speakers include:
Cinzia Ferrini (Trieste) “On Hegel’s Confrontation with the Sciences in ‘Observing Reason’”
Brett A. Fulkerson-Smith (Kentucky) “Kant’s Skeptical Method and Hegel’s Phenomenological Method: A Reply to Kenneth Westphal”
Stephen Houlgate (Warwick) “From Consciousness to Self-Consciousness: A Critique of Brandom’s Reading of Hegel’s Phenomenology”
James Kreines (Yale) “Hegel: Metaphysics without Pre-Critical Monism”
Catherine Malabou (Paris-Nanterre) “Is Confession the Accomplishment of Recognition?”
Julia Peters (UCL) “Two Dialectics of Art?”
Robert Pippin (Chicago) “Can there be a ‘Logic of Experience’? On Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit”
Ludwig Siep (Münster) “Recognition in Hegel and Beyond”
Nick Walker (Essex) “H.S. Harris: An Appreciation”
Kenneth R. Westphal (Kent) “Harris on the Structure of Hegel’s Phenomenology”

There will also be a round table on Yirmiyahu Yovel’s recent *Hegel’s Preface to the ‘Phenomenology of Spirit’* (Princeton UP, 2005) with Thom Brooks (Newcastle), Evangelia Sembou (Oxford), and Yirmiyahu Yovel (New School/Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

Registration forms are available from the Hegel Society of Great Britain website: http://www.hsgb.group.shef.ac.uk/cform.html

In addition, there are postgraduate bursaries of £75 available. Interested postgraduate students should submit a form found here:
These must be received by *Friday, 27th July 2007*.

For further details, contact: Dr Thom Brooks

The registration deadline is *3rd AUGUST 2007*